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Health & Anti-Bacterial Services

In situations where there are several employees in your working space or several customers, clients or patients coming in and out on a regular basis, it’s vitally important to ensure a healthy environment for all. PCC Cleaning & Restoration’s sanitizing and disinfecting application is a four-part, alcohol-based solution that will kill a large number and variety of viruses including E. coli, the MRSA staph infection, hepatitis B and many others. Because our application is sprayed on, rather than wiped on, we eliminate the possibility of the cross-contamination and spreading of viruses. Our anti-microbial process is safe to use and is extremely effective, getting down into cracks and other hard-to-access places that a wiped application cannot reach.

Every surface that could spread a virus is sanitized so that when coughing, sneezing and touching occurs (the most common ways of spreading the virus), cross-contamination is held in check.

Health & Anti-Bacterial Services

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