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This page allows us to showcase some of our recent work that we are extremely proud of being a part of. These projects demonstrate some of the types and scopes of work PCC Cleaning & Restoration can do for you in your time of disaster!

Tulsa EF2 Tornado - 8/6/2017

Storms left behind damage in Tulsa, OK Sunday morning, August 6, 2017 when an EF2 tornado touched down in the area after 1 a.m., according to the NWS. The NWS also confirmed three other tornadoes in the area. City officials say around 150 businesses were damaged and 12 were condemned.

PCC Cleaning & Restoration's Catastrophic Response Team was called in to action immediately to begin the mitigation phase of the project to help prevent puther damage to the business affected by the storm. After mitigating further damage, the clean-up and restoration phase began at several of the business affected by this local disaster.

PCC Cleaning & Restoration was proud to be trusted by several local businesses in the affected area to handle the complete project of returning their business to normal operations as quickly as they could. Please watch the video to the right to see some of the ensuing damage and ultimately the return to normal life after this storm.

Baccus Project

This loss occurred when lightning struck the home. The lightning caused a fire, and when the fire department put the fire out it resulted in water damage throughout the entire house. We arrived on site and assisted in installing the tarps to cover the roof and prevent further damage to the interior.

We began the water remediation by removing all carpet and pad in the entire house and setting drying equipment, which included a trailer mounted desiccant. We then packed up and removed all contents from the house, inventoried it, and stored it in our warehouse. We also performed the demolition of all affected areas. We assisted in the rebuild of the rafters. The home owner was using the original home builder for the repairs.

Glenpool School District

We received a call after office hours during a storm that had ripped the roof off of the elementary school building in Glenpool. It had flooded about 8-10 classrooms with several inches of water.A few days later another storm came through and damaged 2 other buildings and caused more water damage.

We extracted the excess water from the carpet and the tile. We then set a desiccant, fans, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers to clean and dry the structure. PCC Cleaning & Restoration completed all repairs, reconstruction, and repair of all 3 buildings, along with carpet cleaning in another of their buildings.

Lair Project

This loss was the result of 70+ mile per hour straight line winds from a thunderstorm in mid-July 2016, which blew over two large 80ft. oak trees. They landed on a two-story house and collapsed a 5ft. x 25ft. brick fireplace flue onto the upper section of the roof.

First the trees had to be taken down to the ground, which then allowed us access to the structure. Ropes and pulleys were used to then lower small sections of the flue slowly to prevent further damage to the lower roof and walls.

After demolition was complete, the upper and lower roof structure was repaired and both roofs replaced. Then the flue itself was rebuilt, the site was cleaned, and the house was painted to get everything back to normal.